Vision and MissionThe Contract Research Organization in Medical and Biological Engineering mission is to develop innovative engineering solutions brought up in the human health. The current research teams are working on solving the disease of the century. Treating cancer, an untreatable disease, is the focal point of many studies in numerous scientific institutions and this one too. Detecting cancer cells has been the struggle in the last years. Easy versions of cancer can be treated easily with radio therapy or other treatments that act violently on the cells around the tumor, but the future lies in constraining the human body to auto recover with the help of stem cells.

The mission of this research organization has remained the same from the study years. Scientists enrolled with the program here are bound together by the idea of understanding the integrated system of the human body. If the molecular changes can be traced and reversed in case of malfunction, the cellular tissue and the organs of the body can give a positive response without additional treatments that poison the whole body. These relations of changes that take place at different scale and in time have to be crystal clear to the scientific world before they move to the stage of provoking auto healing. More than half the biological and medical engineers are conducting or interested in studies about cloning cells and organs for the important medical use it will have in the future.

The Contract Research Organization in Medical and Biological Engineering has been conducting important studies for different clients that wish to remain anonymous. However, studies are usually published the years preceding the results. The scientific community is kept updated on the progress different research teams make. This case is no exception to the rule. Members of the organization are kept updated on the latest findings.