The human body is much more complex than any piece of machinery could ever be. However, in reality, many of the same principles that help to build and programme a machine are applied to biological structures in our bodies. They are also used to design diagnostic tools within the Health Industry. Medical engineering is mostly concerned with humans, but biological engineering covers a whole host of areas from energy to the food that we eat. A biomedical engineer can work across all areas covering life science to healthcare and they apply the principles of normal engineering to biology and medicine.

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Biomedical engineering is currently the fastest-growing career path. This trend will certainly continue as the World strives to cope with serious issues like sustaining our food and water supply and disease prevention. If you are interested in this field of study and research, there has never been a better time to start. There are a confusing range of options from a Biomedical degree to a Master’s in science degree, which covers chemical, biochemical and materials engineering. You will learn about physiology, anatomy, mathematics and biology. You will also study all types of engineering from electronics to tissue. Be sure to research thoroughly and find the best option for you.

Challenges for the next 20 years

There are many important issues facing every country of the World and Biomedical Engineers are instrumental in understanding the problems and engineering the solutions. The most important challenge is to provide and sustain our food and water supply and ensure that those supplies are safe. Our healthcare systems and their quality must be improved to include personalised healthcare and solutions for chronic diseases. This also includes the constant need to protect global health by preventing outbreaks of infectious disease. Engineering sustainable bioenergy production is also critical to protect natural resources. There are many other areas covered by the science subjects so you are sure to have a career for life!