Cellular and Molecular BioengineeringMolecular bio engineering is the application of biological and engineering practices over processes related to food production, medicine, biotechnology, environment, agriculture and energy. Lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, nucleic acids and their relations are the main elements involved in these processes. They are the building blocks of all existing creatures on this planet, and learning to manipulate, control and create them is a big advantage for a healthy future for humans, animals and plants. These branches play major roles in the advancements of gene expression, improved therapies and knowledge over the functionality of human body and for the search of therapeutic drugs like vaccines for new emerging diseases or antibodies. It is now searching for processes to eradicate and prevent cancer at cellular and molecular scale, other categories of metabolic or genetic diseases.

One of the practices for cellular and molecular bio engineering is the recombination of DNA cells. The genome of the each organism contains a genetic sequence, called DNA, that contains all the information about that particular species. There is a wide range of applications in this field. It usually starts with the analysis of a given organism, or virus, for the pharmaceutical industry. One classic example is the human insulin. A recombined version in the lab is inserted into the E. coli human insulin gene, which stimulates the production of more insulin. Hepatitis B vaccine follows a similar path when introduced in the human body.

Recombined DNA is a responsible for what we know as genetically modified food. Researchers in the lab analyze faults and problems in crop cultures and intervene at a molecular level to correct the lack of certain vitamins, or to increase its productivity. Other applications are for the resistance for harmful insects. The molecular bio engineering technology is known to be most advanced in the United States, France and Spain, these three countries being the leaders in the food industry supply.