A biological engineer, with burgeoning human populations, won’t only study the environment regarding conserving natural resources, but look at a way to solve many modern day health issues. Certainly, with so many people on the planet and few resources, they are constantly looking at new techniques and procedures to solve medical problems. These biological engineers work with health care professionals and even design new, sophisticated instruments and machinery such as ultrasound. A bachelor’s degree in biological engineering will open up plenty of job opportunities, with the BLS predicting a 23% in the growth rate for employment in this field.

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Once you’ve selected your university for biochemistry, you’ll be plunged into subjects like physiology, pathology, and anatomy among others. You can be a biological technician or a biochemist and even look for a thrilling and challenging career in pharmaceuticals, disease research or food production. Certainly, you’ll be earning a jolly good salary with added perks with your biological engineering studies. But perhaps more satisfying for you will be knowing that you’ll be developing medical devices for people with erratic heartbeats, deafness and sleep apnea, giving people hope and adding more quality years to their lives.