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Medical And Biological Engineering In The Next 20 Years

The human body is much more complex than any piece of machinery could ever be. However, in reality, many of the same principles that help to build and programme a machine are applied to biological structures in our bodies. They are

Why you should consider doing your master of science abroad

The world is constantly becoming more global, and new markets like China and India are making their ways into the world economy. With the technological evolution the last two decades, where Internet in many ways has changed how everything is done,

Famous People In Science And Medicine

From Aristotle to David Livingstone to Jane Goodall to Edwin Hubble to Stephen Hawking and many others, famous people in science and medicine include doctors, politicians, researchers and more. They have all accomplished extraordinary feats. Look at Bill Gates and how

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Biomedical Engineering Degree

If you choose to take a Biomedical Engineering degree, you might think that life after university will be spent squinting down a microscope. This degree will actually provide you with a solid grounding and an amazing career platform from which you

Best universities for Biological Engineering studies

A biological engineer, with burgeoning human populations, won’t only study the environment regarding conserving natural resources, but look at a way to solve many modern day health issues. Certainly, with so many people on the planet and few resources, they are

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Contract Research Organization in Medical and Biological Engineering do? The Contract Research Organization in Medical and Biological Engineering (Crombes) is an organisation with manifested interest both in the medical and biological engineering disciplines. The vision of the organisation

Research on Stem Cells

Stem cells research is still looked at in an intriguing manner. Many claim that patients treated with them are susceptible to cancer. However, researchers have not stumbled upon this problem so far, and this miraculous cell continues to treat different irreversible

Dolly, the Cloned Sheep

Everyone has probably heard about Dolly the sheep on the news, a few years back. It was the first mediated example of medical engineering. The interesting topic was attacked from all sides, especially concerning the ethical aspects of it. The Catholic

Printing 3D Organs

3D printing technology has gained secure ground in the last decade. These machines are constantly reinvented, only by modifying the work scale or material type. Biomedical engineers thought to use them too. A small, modified desktop printer, with cells in the

Growing Organs in the Lab

Today, many biological and medical engineers have ongoing research programs in the field of organs growing or organs 3D printing. This method emerged from the big demand for compatible organs. Many people loose their lives because the waiting list for organs